Upcycled Modern Art is Hooarte's slogan and we create Modern art from discarded materials.

This store is a Father & Son crafts shop, we specialized in Upcycling wine, beer & liquor related items such as Corks, Labels, bottles, you will see our items vary on these categories and you will always find something new every week, we have coasters, boards, letters, trays, decorated bottles, cut-off bottles, lamps, candles, shot glasses, drinking glasses, planters and more so check back regularly.This is a way for me to teach my son the value of hard work as he is involved in most of the aspects of our products and half of the money from the sales of these items will go to my son's college fund, not only the profits but half of the money so by purchasing from us not only you are helping the craft movement and the environment but also a kid with his college fund.

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