Moet & Chandon empty Champagne bottle lamp 16 Color Changing light RGB LED Remote Controlled - Bar Light - Glass Bottle -

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This is for ONE (1) Empty Moet & Chandon Champagne Bottle LED RGB color changing lamp. The photos show few of the 16 different colors and how the lamp looks when it is off. You can pick the color that suits your state of mind at the moment! We take pride on our design on these type of lamps, and i'm going to walk you thru our process:

The base:
first we make a 3.5 cube out of sustainable wood, then we decorate 4 sides of the cube with wine corks, we then do 2 coats of polyurethane to protect the wood and the corks, the top is drilled and we insert the electrical parts; a 4x4 recycled flooring sample tile is added to the top and decorated around with wine corks and then those corks are cut to the dimension of the bottom of the bottle that the base is going to hold so that the bottle is nested in the corks to give the lamp more stability and appeal, 4 wine cork rounds are added to the bottom of the base to protect your furniture from scratches, this process gives us a very beautiful base that compliments all of our bottles, if the bottom of the bottle is larger than 4x4 then we don't add corks to the tile and we glue to the base using high quality high strength clear 4000 PSI epoxy, you can see pictures of this process on this listing.

Remote Control & Light Bulb:
Included is an infrared remote which can turn the lamp on/off and adjust colors, transitions and brightness levels. There are 4 transition effects: flash, strobe, fade and smooth, you can choose from 16 colors.
The Life Expectancy Of The LED Is 50,000 Plus Hours. The Light Comes With 6 Ft Of Lamp Cord, and electrical plug.

The Bottle:
we customized each of our bottle lamps, in some bottles we cut the bottom of the bottle so that it can shine better as thicker or painted bottles don't let the light get the brightest colors then we attach it to the base with high quality E4000 epoxy. Each bottle is coated with our STARDUST it's a mixed of crushed glass and crystals that makes the bottle sparkle like a star.

We take pride on our lamps and we took a lot of time designing the best product we could make, it's handcrafted in the USA and it's made with pride.

Disclaimer: these upcycled products that we make and sell are not endorsed, sponsor, or made by the manufacturer or distributors of these brands. Our products are handmade by us, they are made of empty discarded bottles collected from restaurants and hotels in the area. We give new life to old bottles that otherwise would ended in landfills.
All of our items come from working bars, we do our best to send you the best possible items but sometimes the label may have small tears.

Any brand owner that prefers that empty bottles from their brands be sent to the landfill instead of being upcycled by us, kindly let us know and we will remove them from the items we make.

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