Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Liquor Bottle Cigar Ashtray - Nuts Bowl - Jewelry box - Catch it all - Ash tray


This Elijah Craig Bourbon Bottle has been cut in half sanded and turn into the perfect cigar ashtray, the cut neck holds cigars perfectly, you are purchasing the front part of the cut bottle. Of course you can give other uses such as nuts bowl, jewelry box, catch it all for your entrances and many more.

In advance thank you for looking at my items and make sure to check back with us soon as we will be posting a lot of beer/wine/liquor bottles and corks art. If you are interested in something in this category and don’t see it or if you have a question just convo us and we will respond soon.

Disclaimer: these upcycled products that we make and sell are not endorsed, sponsor, or made by the manufacturer or distributors of these brands. Our products are handmade by us, they are made of empty discarded bottles collected from restaurants and hotels in the area. We give new life to old bottles that otherwise would ended in landfills.
All of our items come from working bars, we do our best to send you the best possible items but sometimes the label may have small tears.

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It's perfect, it arrived on time and beautifully packed. We're very pleased.

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