Johnnie Walker Blue Label Bottle Lamp - 16 Color Changing RGB - Scotch Whisky - Empty Cut Liquor - Gift - Rarest Whiskies FREE SHIPPING!


This Johnnie Walker Blue Lamp is an elegant and sleek addition to any bar area. This lamp pairs perfectly with our other Johnnie Walker Blue items.

The base is equipped with a RGB LED Light that can be set to one of sixteen colors or one of 4 different setting (flash, strobe, fade, and smooth) that cycle through all the colors. The life expectancy of the light is 50,000 hours.

Disclaimer: these upcycled products that we make and sell are not endorsed, sponsor, or made by the manufacturer or distributors of these brands. Our products are handmade by us, they are made of empty discarded bottles collected from restaurants and hotels in the area. We give new life to old bottles that otherwise would ended in landfills.
All of our items come from working bars, we do our best to send you the best possible items but sometimes the label may have small tears.

Any brand owner that prefers that empty bottles from their brands be sent to the landfill instead of being upcycled by us, kindly let us know and we will remove them from the items we make.

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